Andrew Chen

CEO and Co-Founder
WholeRen Group, China/USA

Andrew is CEO and co-founder of both Pittsburgh based WholeRen Group, an international education service provider and ReadyAI, a company dedicated to global AI education for K-12 students.  Organically growing WholeRen Group to include seven subsidiaries, 10 service centers in the U.S., and 4 in China, the company supports the international student's 'lifecycle' -- from preparing a student for study abroad through matriculation in the U.S. and beyond.  While serving as CEO of both Pittsburgh based WholeRen Group and ReadyAI, he brands himself as "international student success coach".

As an international student from Beijing, Andrew began his journey into U.S. education 25 years ago -- moving from student, to an intern at his University's International Office, to a leader in a large company.  As an entrepreneur, he integrated his past experiences and expertise, now running international companies focusing on international education.

Andrew Chen holds masters degrees of Computer Science and Nuclear Engineering and lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and two children.