Paul Mullally

Lighthouse International Education Consulting, Ireland

Paul Mullally began his career as a chemist in science laboratories and moved to working in the Higher Education field in 2007. He has been directly involved with student recruitment from a range of different countries and regions, and he has worked for several institutions over the years including two in Ireland: Griffith College and Maynooth University. He was also a former Deputy Director of Griffith International at Griffith University in Australia. Over the last 5 years, Paul has been an international education consultant and has worked with universities in Ireland, UK, US, Australia, and NZ to help with their internationalisation strategies. Paul and his team have contributed to the development of international education over the years by writing internationalisation strategies and implementing them for institutions as well as contributing to national and international discussions and forums relating to international education. His company, Education Lighthouse, has recruited students from many different regions for all his clients. He has attended, exhibited, and presented at many international conferences around the world.