The PIE Events: AI and International Education

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We are at the cusp of a technology transformation that is making inroads into education. AI is driving us forward at speeds beyond any technology before it — but where is it taking us? At our PIE Event: AI and International Education, you will actively engage with real world AI applications in higher education. Hear from experts on the cutting edge of technology, industry and academia, and uncover the roadmap for our collective digital journey. Where is your institution headed, where are we headed as educators, and how will you accelerate into the future? 

Why attend?

This is a vital opportunity for your institution to take its place among the early adopters who will define the future of education. At the event you will discover how to leverage AI and future technologies to: 

  • Evaluate your organization’s position within the technology trajectory and create your next steps to success 
  • Implement cost-efficient and scalable methods to enrol and engage with your prospective student pool 
  • Manage risk and ensure engagement of your enrolled student population 
  • Preserve the knowledge of your workforce and enable them to focus on complex problem-solving 
  • Learn quickly from collected data and drive decisions based on pure analysis 

There will also be interactive sessions so you can try out some the latest technology first-hand. 

Be among the first to step into the future.


To be added to our waiting list, email

When and where

The PIE Events: AI and International Education:

Thursday 19th September


Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7HH


Arrival and networking
Introductory keynote - Amy Baker, The PIE
AI or not? Ice-breaker - Ashish Fernando, iSchool Connect
University view. Impact potential of AI/AR/VR partnerships in practice - Steve Humber, Coventry University
Speed showcase 1 - Billy Xu, Nanjing Bestie U Education & Tech.
Coffee break
Speed showcase 2 - Steve Evans, Akero
Breakout session Q&A - PIE Team moderators
Deep dive into AI: how to get started, roadmap for implementation - Mike Henniger, iSchool Connect
Speed showcase 3 - Paul Butcher, Write & Improve
Lunch and interactive zone
Expert panel discussion lab - will include JISC, UCL Educate, Cambridge English, Akero, iSchoolConnect and Shorelight
Expert panel Q&A


  • Ashish Fernando, iSchoolConnect, USA
  • Mike Henniger, iSchoolConnect, USA
  • Steve Humber, Chief Digital Information Officer, Coventry University, UK
  • Martin Hamilton, JISC, UK
  • Billy Xu, Nanjing BestieU Education & Technology Ltd, China
  • Dr Alison Clark-Wilson, UCL Educate, UK
  • Paul Butcher, CTO, English Language iTutoring Ltd (Read & Improve), UK
  • Basil Cleveland, Shorelight, USA
  • Steve Evans, Akero, UK