2022 Highlights

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Take a look at what our attendees said about their experience at The PIE Live events in 2022.

This event left me inspired. The sessions were a great balance of current trends and important topics in the field. I got a lot of each session for my role in study abroad and working with international students. It was also good to hear the policy perspective from Canada. From an institution from the US, we oftentimes go to international vers connecting with our own neighbors. I have been inspired to be a presenter at future Pie Events and also other conferences. I really appreciate having the opportunity to attend. I took 9 pages of notes in the two days and almost two weeks after the even I am still reflecting on the content that was shared during the sessions. One big takeaway in this event, for me, was that we all experience the same challenges and successes. It is critical that we work together in the field to learn and become better international educators. Together we can make a difference. I left the event excited to know that there are other passionate educators in the field. Thank you! 

Brigitta Richmond Associate Director Notre Dame International

 Absolutely one of the best logistics team I've ever seen at a conference. Well done.It was my pleasure to attend and contribute.

Jason Dewling President Western Canada and Asia Pacific LCI Education Network

I was so glad to be there and to have the opportunity to reconnect with our IE community in Canada. The event program had one of the strongest partnership ‘tracks’ I’ve ever seen. I really enjoyed the quality and quantity of content focused on partnership building, even the quick session on MOUs! It’s an area of international that often doesn’t get enough attention. I also really enjoyed the style of the panel sessions, they felt relaxed and inviting. Congratulations to you and the team!

Natasha Fernandez Global Engagement and Partnerships University of Guelph

Congratulations for the success of the first The PIE Live North America!! You are all an amazing team that connects the higher education international community worldwide and providing international insights/trends. Can’t wait to hear about the venue for next year!

Gabriela Geron Director of Partnerships, Innovation, and Communications - Hemispheric & Global Affairs University of Miami

I just returned from The PIE event in Toronto. It was great to see old colleagues and to meet new colleagues. Being in the same room with so many professionals who are working to move the field of International Education forward is so inspiring. Coming away with a lot of good ideas and great contacts! Can’t wait to build on these relationships! 

Nick Gossett Higher Education and Language Assessment Specialist; Specialist in Russia and Eastern Europe Avant Assessment

Day 1 of The PIE Live North America was brilliant and I was blown away at the number of people in attendance! I had a great day attending a couple of really interesting conference sessions whilst catching up with old friends and colleagues in Canada whilst meeting new ones! 

Bobby Mehta Associate Pro-VC University of Portsmouth

Congratulations on your first PIE event in Canada! It was my first one which lead to many great introductions and some very productive business meetings! Such a win! Thank you!

Nelson Tome Senior Client Manager IDP

Speaker profiles in 2022

  • Ethan Rosenzweig Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Academic Programs, U.S. Department of State
  • Jewell Green, Executive Director Intl' Programs, Senior Intl Officer, Chief Diversity Officer, Asst Professor at Tennessee State University
  • Christina Bosilo Director, Brock International, Canada
  • Joël McConnell Imperial College Business School
  • Dr. Norah McRae Associate Provost of Co-operative & Experiential Education - University of Waterloo 
  • Sherif Barsoum Associate Vice President of Global Services, New York University
  • Joann Ng Senior Impact Office, NAFSA
  • David Di Maria Senior International Officer & Associate Vice Provost for International Education at University of Maryland
  • Larissa Beso CBIE
  • Paul Davidson Universities Canada
  • Gabriela Geron Director of Partnerships, Innovation, and Communications Hemispheric & Global Affairs, University of Miami
  • Anthony Koliha Director, Office of Global Educational Programs at U.S. Department of State
  • Vivienne Stern Chief Executive of Universities UK
  • David Lefevre Professor of Practice at Imperial College Business School and Chairman of Insendi
  • Sue Attewell Head of Edtech, JISC
  • Rajay Naik Chief Executive Officer at Skilled Education
  • Sanam Arora Founder - NISAU - Senior Manager, Alphe FMC
  • Judith Lamy Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), Swansea University
  • Colin Bell CEO, COBIS
  • Rachel Sandison Deputy Vice-Chancellor, External Engagement at University of Glasgow
  • Phil Honeywood CEO University of Glasgow
  • Gavin Dowling Chief Operating Officer, Education Centre of Australia (IEAA)
  • Steve Berridge Chief Engagement Officer, Melbourne Business School
  • Sonya Singh Founder & CEO, SIEC Pty Ltd. Australia
  • Callum Cowell Director University of Western Australia
  • Andrew Mangion Executive Chairman and CEO at EC English Language Centres
  • Gonzalo Peralta Executive Director at Languages Canada
  • Bei Guo Senior Vice President of EIC Education
  • Douglas Proctor Pro Vice-Chancellor, Global Engagement at Swinburne University of Technology
  • Abishek Gupta Founder & CEO - High School Moms & INACE - Building GIDE.AI
  • Sushil Sukhwani Founder, Director, Edwise International
  • Martin Hookham-Simms Head of International University of Sussex
  • Bobby Mehta Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement)