The PIE Live: Europe

We are really excited to be bringing The PIE Live back to The Brewery in 2024 on 19-20th March. 

Our two-day, in-person event will enable you to build your knowledge and network with organisations across Europe.

An intimate event of 700+ people, where you can network in a manageable way to get maximum value out of the connections you make. Return to your desk armed with new resources and contacts, and enough energy to be able to follow up on them straight away.

The PIE Live is a physical realisation of The PIE’s sector expertise and global community - we are a leading, independent, global media platform for the international education industry. We bring a unique mix of industry professionals together, spanning higher ed, vocational training, student counselling and advising, ed tech and service providers.

Our sessions are dynamic and engaging - max session length 45 mins, max 30 mins panel discussions before we take audience questions via the Slido app. The expo area is central to the event layout, to ensure exhibitors, delegates and speakers have multiple opportunities to meet and chat in a relaxed environment.

The PIE Live Europe will feature a staple of all our events - our Student Roundtable - where locally based international students talk freely to delegates about their experiences. We develop the debate about future trends and challenges ahead, and will be showcasing the amazing work being done by the sector. 

Programme highlights

> The future of international student recruitment

Join our panel of recruitment experts discussing the emerging trends across four powerhouse regions of South Asia, Africa, LATAM and APAC. Hold on tight as we talk tactics and take the temperature for UK demand in 2023.

> DEI: How can institutions successfully reach historically underserved populations?

Diversity, equity and inclusion with specific student Universities have largely embraced DEI efforts on campus, but to what extent are recruitment and student support initiatives serving historically underserved populations such as refugees, first gen, low socio-economic status, and members of the LGTBQ+ community? Examine high impact practices that positively impact marginalized populations.

> UK Policy Update: Where do we go from here?

A shift in government policy remains the single biggest worry for stakeholders across the sector as the Home Office appear to be pulling in the opposite direction to the international education strategy. Join our panel of lobbyists and policy makers as we debate the road ahead.

> That's so cheugy. Move over GenZ, the Alphas are coming

Designed to make us all feel old and out of touch, our expert panel will be discussing the generational transition taking place, with tips and tricks to better student engagement. We live in a hyper-connected world, but what if we don't know what to say?.

> Unresolved 'Admissues'

Have our admissions teams adapted to the scale of the task? We will be facing reality in this candid debate on the state of university finances and the ability to meet student expectations in terms of service standards. We will discuss capacity, private partnerships and best-fit technology as part of the debate on how to process more applicants for less.

> The student voice

Meet international students from a range of institutions across the UK and learn directly from them, to help improve what you are delivering for your own students.

> Professional development

Join our interactive workshops to stimulate fresh thinking about how to develop your own leadership style, strategy and brand, and hear the latest from the job market across the sector.

Wonderful event with great networking and re-connecting opportunities!

Katja Lamping Director of Student Recruitment University College London